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InstaCredit – A New Approach to Earning on Forex

Instaforex announced  the launch of a new system that allows its users to earn profit and increase capital for trading on the currency market. InstaCredit is a banking credit system prototype except that investors can create conditions fulfilling their own interests. 

Meanwhile, the traders can set the required credit parameters and therefore find the most profitable offer by investors. The InstaCredit system is mutually beneficial. Investors are able to earn without trading, while traders get extra funds for management. At the same time, investors don’t have to wait for their profit as a trader makes a guarantee deposit to his account or accounts before receiving a credit. Besides, the invested funds are protected by the indicator of critical loss that is set by an investor when accepting a credit request from a trader. A trader willing to take a loan can make requests for unlimited number of credits. The sum of a received credit is instantly transferred after the request is granted. InstaCredit makes Forex trading even simpler giving an opportunity to see traditional trading in a new light. Every client of our company can become a member of the new InstaCredit system free of charge.

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