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Wedge Forex PatternWedge Forex Pattern

The wedge formation is a close relative of the triangle and the pennant formations. It resembles both the shape and the development time of the triangles, but it really looks and behaves like a pennant without a pole.

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Expanding Triangle Forex Pattern

Expanding Triangle Forex Pattern

The expanding (broadening) triangle consists of a horizontal mirror image of a triangle, where the tip of the triangle is next to the original trend, rather than its base (see the Figure below.) Volume also follows the horizontal mirror image switch and increases steadily as the chart formation develops.

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Descending Triangle Forex Pattern

The descending triangle is simply a mirror image of the ascending triangle. It consists of a flat support line and a downward sloping resistance line. (See the Figure below). This pattern suggests that supply is larger than demand.

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Ascending Triangle Forex Pattern

The ascending triangle consists of flat resistance line and a rising support line. The formation suggests that demand is stronger than supply. The breakout should occur on the upside, and it consists of the width of the base of the triangle as measured from the breakout point.

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Rounded Top and Bottom Forex Patterns

The rounded top and bottom, also known as saucers consist of a very slow and gradual change in the direction of the market. These patterns reflect the indecision of the market at the end of a trend.

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