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new forex services InstaWallet Service

Trading with InstaForex cannot be more comfortable and easier. It is not so, indeed. The company is still working on that. They know exactly what the clients are waiting for, and are in continuous process of improving the services, upgrading technologies and other inner business procedures. Almost every month they establish new forums, new forex educational directories, new social trading tools, the variety of promotions, contests and new services.  The new InstaWallet service offers a full control of your money including transfers from the trading account to the wallet and vice versa, transferring to your trader-partners or followers and many other transactions.   

We have always considered the needs of our traders as the most essential, which allows us to keep the gained leading positions on the market. Thus the company presents a new technical facility which every customer of the company can make use of – the system of InstaWallet. InstaWallet is a virtual wallet with InstaForex Company. Provided that you have a trading account in InstaForex, you can open a bound to it wallet.

The format of the wallet will be as follows: iXXХХХ, where ХХХХХ is the number of your InstaForex trading account. For example, your trading account is 1005; consequently, the wallet will be i1005.

With InstaWallet service you can transfer the money from the trading account to the wallet and vice versa, transfer the money from your own account to the wallet of the trader-partner, receive funds from other InstaForex traders. The customers, who have several accounts under their name, will also appreciate the service of InstaWallet.

For example, if you have little funds left in one of your trading accounts and enough money in the other, now you will be able to upload it with the help of InstaWallet. You can manage your InstaWallet in the Client Cabinet. Thus, in order to make use of your InstaWallet, you do not need to keep in mind any additional passwords and pin-codes, as all services are at your disposal in the Client Cabinet!

Experience the benefits of InstaWallet system. 

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