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 Follow & Copy Experts with Etoro

Why trade alone if you can follow and copy from the best ranked and the most successful traders from the eToro network. eToro OpenBook provides a free access to largest pool of active traders. This network includes the expert Guru traders, casual traders, talented and smart investors. eToro guarantees a full transparency on every traders profile and every trade they made. This is the famous social trading concept which is becoming the standard eToro practice  

You can search for the forex best traders and investors evaluated by their actual performance over a specific time period (e.g. weekly, monthly, 3-months and yearly) or by their location. You can analyze their track record, their risk profile and their winning strategy to find out if they match your trading style. If they match your criteria you can add them to your people-based portfolio. The next step is to linking your account to one or more traders. From this moment on you can simple lean back and let the best traders work for you. Everything they do is automatically replicated in your account. It’s not cheating, it’s just smarter investing.

However, it does not exclude that you trade by yourself and explore new things. On the contrary. Learning from the best traders you could achieve the results you have only dreamed of. Whether you are new to fore trading or you have e tried for several years, you will love the tools and potential the Copy-Trader provides.