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insta_scalping_smallThe Real Scalping Contest

The Real Scalping Contest of InstaForex  is another attractive option for beginners of forex to practice and verify their prospective strategies or prove the conventional forex schemes for themselves on the real market. It also a nice opportunity to win real money without a risk. The list of participants registered for the current monthly race among demo accounts is always present on the Instaforex contest page. The prize pool of the tournament is $6,000 monthly which amounts to $72,000 annually.

You can sign up for the next Real Scalping round right now by opening a demo account and pressing the Registration button. After that your login name appears in the list of the participants within several hours. The rules are simple. The participants perform trading operations on their demo accounts. At a prescribed time, all trades are automatically closed at present prices. Those with the largest deposits at the closing time are announced as the winners. The excitement of a contest and the indispensable value of practicing in the real market environment is what makes this tournament so attractive to the numerous forex beginners.

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