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islamic-finance-310x233Islamic Forex Trading

A variety of trading accounts exist to fill the needs of the different types of Forex traders. One such account is what is referred to as Islamic Forex accounts. The Islamic or Shariah forex accounts are not exclusively for Muslims. However, there are number of rules which these accounts follow to meet the needs of the Islamic community.

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Forex Islamic Accounts with XM.COM

Forex Islamic accounts or swap-free accounts imply that no swap or rollover interest on overnight positions, since it is against Islamic faith. XM.COM offers this type of accounts to traders following the Muslim faith.

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win-evora-1Instaforex Swap Free Accounts

The Swap-free Instaforex account services are for traders who use trading systems that do not take into account the impact of swaps or those traders who can not use swaps owing to their religious beliefs("Islamic accounts").The remaining trading terms of the swap-free accounts of Instaforex are the same as the Standard or Eurica-type (InstaForex review).

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